Sight-Reading Musicians: Learn something NEW every Day!

  • Are you enjoying learning new things to play?
  • How would you like a small fresh daily challenge with your playing?
  • How much would you enjoy a moment each day to reflect on harmonies, rhythms and expressive interpretation of music?

Just try-out a small amount of sight-reading routinely before you settle to other activities at your keyboard/instrument!


  • Predict musical shapes and patterns:

Have you considered drawing the shape of the music you just heard, or just ‘looked at’? Maybe add-in some colour too? Who writes in that style? Where’s that melody going?

  • Confidently identify key and modulations:

You could start to anticipate more confidently the dominant key and learn by trial and error where modulations occur. In this way you will begin to navigate the manuscript more confidently. What’s an incidental doing there? (Is it another misprint?!!)

  • Be in charge of Rhythm!

Yes! You will read the time signature; is the rhythm clearly ‘held’ in the bass or the treble? Where does this change? Try altering the written rhythm yourself & provoke a bit of fun? How important is ‘rhythm’ in this small piece of music? In which bars will it be most important, perhaps? What will your tempo be? How will this affect your overall delivery of this (bite-sized) piece?

How will regular bite-sized chunks of sight-reading influence your overall ability as a musician? Name 2 and share at:


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