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Where’s your Piano Practicing Plan for this week/day? What are you chasing? How will you get there? How do you want to feel when you play your piece? How do you feel at the moment when you play that piece? Have you given yourself permission to fail? How does that change things for you? When is ‘good enough’ acceptable? Are you chasing technique? Have you been ‘listening’ ? Use recordings of you, yes, and others – yes! Make notes!! Never sit at the piano without notepad / pencil / rubber / pen……………how can you make a plan if you don’t make notes? Develop tomorrow’s Practice Plan today! Sit away from your keyboard and read – READ! your manuscript. Search for patterns and repetitions etc Musicians tend to think in ‘patterns’ Let me know how you are getting on I want to know! Thanks. Are you interested in joining our ‘piano-practicing hints n tips’ Group online? Think of some key words:

Listen Look Read Repeat Take notes Again Relax Distract Face Fear Involve others Who are they? Feel. Forget Self.

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