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Memory and Concentration skills

Musician’s do great mental exercises all the time, and no Sudoku in sight!! Musicians play on average 20 hours a week – these concentration & memory skills are not some sort of potential add-on skill. They are central to who a musician is and what they ‘do’.

Self management.

Otherwise : literally nothing will be achieved! Practice-planning and commitment. Performance skills. Delivering as promised: on time, at the right place, at the right time, with all necessary materials, and etc! Amazing skills for any employee to have, even without actually performing or producing music as well.


Yup! It’s going to be critical if the overall sound of a chamber group/orchestra/band is to be produced; and consider the ‘marketing dimension’ of producing a public or indeed private performance.

Adapatability and Perseverance

Lack of perseverance will seriously impede the delivery of a musical episode for listeners to consume even with high tech’ software. Lack of adaptability would interrupt any musical delivery where: audiences interact and/or musicians interact! Or musical instruments need attention: a new string for example; or simply replacing, and quickly! Pianists in particular must be adaptable to various instruments. Teamwork is therefore invaluable. Teamwork and constructive critical feedback constantly being managed in an ongoing ‘loop’. Being coached and self-coaching as well as (co-) coaching colleagues.

Communication: Verbal and non verbal are essential skills for a musician. Listening! Reflecting on meaning. Intelligent interpretation. etc


An absolute pre-requisite for any musical performing. Producing music is not simply a matter of playing the written note. How would you enjoy a musical production which lacked musical interpretation? Where’s the emotion in that? How can a musician deliver the musical ‘message’ and sustain musical accuracy? It’s a left brain / right brain conundrum!

  • Describe some of the qualities you seek in a New Employee?
  • Describe some personal qualities which you may wish to improve?

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