Asking ourselves How do we practice?, is so much more helpful than asking ‘when’ shall I practice! Though both may be relevant! Once we are at the piano though, we should concentrate on HOW! This comes up in conversation a lot, as you can imagine:

piano lessons in stroud

Some Helpful Pointers to Consider:

  • use the Pomodoro technique (time yourself, and give yourself timed-rests eg 25mins practice followed by 15mins doing something else; then back at the piano for 25mins)
  • regular daily practice is the way to go
  • shorter periods of practice EVERY day are a great idea for the earlier levels!
  • practice using left-brain thinking ie get analytical please!
  • save right-brain thinking for expressive performance perhaps?
  • hands separate: try this as a discipline (even though ‘you just want to play’)
  • Left Hand: often requires more support? Give it due focus.
  • regular sight reading Regular, short blasts are incredibly useful
  • use Scales and Studies etc to give yourself time to consider technique and reflect on musical structure etc.
  • learn a piece from the middle out?
  • isolate phrases in left and right hand; focus on repetition to assist memory (helps you to practice across bar lines and gain the musical expression more meaningfully)
  • Slow Practice Gets you there FAST
  • Fast Practice gets you there SLOWLY
  • acknowledge tempo as well as Time Signature however slow things down in practice; seek accuracy. Count as you play? Make use of metronome?
  • apply the 80:20 rule; 80% of errors are hiding in 20% of your manuscript. When you drill down guess what? 80% of your mistakes are still in 20% of those passages!! Keep going!
  • try recording yourself! it helps you advance!
  • explore opportunities for duets? and keep seeking willing mini audiences! 🙂
  • Set Practice Goals!!
  • Warm-ups help to avoid tendinitis etc A scales workout will help you!
  • Pursue Repetition; give it some Time to “sink-in”!
  • Listen to other pianists play. Who are your top 10 favourite pianists?
  • Consider how your breathing is relevant to your playing in general, and in particular to that piece you are working on!!

Please write-in suggesting your ideas: anytime. Thank you.  &


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