Updating YOUR Privacy Policy: GDPR May 2018

*Acoustic Coaching Stroud May 2018

  1. Information on behalf of the Student or Client for *ACS/ GDPR is collected for reasons relating to ‘contact’, ‘identity’, ‘marginal health status’, ‘care and consideration of you’ (eg emergency phone numbers and associated names), educational needs, DOB (identity) and address (identity and contact details) as well as your ‘learning/coaching objectives’.
  2. This standard information is collected by Katherine Hyslop via the Initial Registration Form. If the Client or the Student do not progress from the Introductory phase to a longer term commitment with ACS relevant details will be shredded for disposal.
  3. A request may be made to maintain an email address for notification of ongoing ‘promotions’ or opportunities with ACS. Your permission is required for this to occur.
  4. Your details (as offered by you at ACS’ Registration point) are kept in order to provide a timely and considerate service from ACS, including notifications of opportunities or offers from ACS.
  5. Your details will be renewed yearly and your previous details will then be destroyed. If your details do not require any updating at the 12 month period your permission will be sought to maintain your details in ACS’ data base.
  6. ACS will NOT proactively share your data without your specific consent.
  7. Your contact data is stored on ACS’ mobile ‘phone and on the paper/electronic Registration form which you completed (paper copies are held in a safe ‘office’ area in a Business File)
  8. ACS is registered with ICO: No.ZA273218
  9. You have the right to object to your data management by ACS as described herein.
  10. Your data cannot be held with ACS without your prior consent (please sign below to opt in)
  11. Your paper documents will be reviewed at least annually with your consent being sought. Destruction of paperwork is by ‘shredding’, Your email address will be found also in the Email address book on ACS’ Email Account. You proactively agree to these arrangements by signing below.
  12. The collection of details in respect of ‘minors’ is governed by law and parental guidance; ACS communicates directly with designated Carer/Parent in these matters. ACS seeks permission of Parent/Carer in respect of any sharing of information on Social Media. Standard practice with ACS is to deal directly in these matters with individuals who are adults by law, typically Parents/Carers. Direct consent being sought rather than assumed.
  13. Please sign when this privacy Policy has been read and sign again to agree to opt-in to the ACS’ data management arrangements as herein described.
  14. Please keep a copy of this document and also return to ACS a signed copy Thank you.
  15. You are encouraged to be proactive in challenging and asking questions re GDPR.
  • Sign and Date here when above points have been Read:



  • Sign and Date here to Opt –in to these data management arrangements 2018-19.
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