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!Good Luck To All current Exam Entrants Spring 2019!

  • Ludvig van Beethoven “to play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable”
  • Not even the greatest pianists in the world are perfect or immune from errors in performance‘ pp Graham Fitch

‘Thinking Differently’

Katherine Grace Hyslop

& Positive Personal Performance Coaching

(online and face2face available)

  BA(Hons) 2:1; Post-Graduate Dip (Health Promotion); Adult Education Cert. (City & Guilds); (R)GN
Personal Performance Coaching Diploma (2016); Grade 8 piano’ (2016); Grade 6 violin; Grade 5 Music Theory; DBS

The word ‘Acoustic’ relates to sound or the sense of hearing. Timpani in music are a set of tunable kettledrums: typically used in the percussion section of a symphony orchestra. In human biology ‘Tympani’ also refers to a muscle within the ear (the listening device of the human body). Acoustic Coaching is focused on the process of listening; both to the production of musical sound and to you –  the key function of a Coach (which is to listen and elicit). ‘Listening’ 360 degrees is a key activity for a regular Coach and an extraordinary activity for a Coach who also works with music. This plethora of meaning in the word ‘acoustic’ allows me to  reference my specialist areas (Health and Music) as well as the intrinsic Coaching activity of Listening. Acoustic Coaching, Stroud (Gloucestershire). Thank you for visiting.

1. **Acoustic Piano & Personal Performance Coach**

Think Differently: prepare for your performance and practical instrumental exams

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2.   **Acoustic Coaching: Your Health & Personal Performance Coach. What do you want?**

Nominated for ‘Life Coach of the Year’ with the ‘Coaching Academy’ in November 2017!

!Realize your Positive Personal Potential!

 After a consolidated career in Health-Care (Clinical/Teaching/Industry/Coaching) I returned to my much-loved Piano keyboard in 2015 and haven’t looked back! My second instrument was Violin, and I also Sing. Adult-returners and adult-newcomers are most welcome to Acoustic-Coaching for your personal-performance and challenge management!

We will work on Positive Performing and Mindset (C.Dwerk); welcoming-in your confident-self.

“Change by its nature requires growth. If we do not continue to grow we will cease to perform, in any meaningful sense” pp Katherine Hyslop

Your thoughts and questions are always most !WELCOME! Do visit the Blog Page here. Feel free to contribute. Thank you.

I look forward to understanding what you wish to achieve & Thank you for visiting!

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The ‘acoustic coaching stroud’ Business Charity 2019 is The Survivors’ Trust. Let’s get donating! Thank you!

Costs-Guide 2018-19: £25 an hour Piano Coachingcosts vary. Please enquire. Acoustic Individual Coaching (performance/personal-progression). In advance & En bloc payments attract discounts. Occasional ‘promotions‘ – kindly check these pages …and visit:



‘Such a good teacher & I thank you so much for giving me the confidence to get going again”. Dec.’18 J. Masters adult-piano-student


  • ‘…absolutely loved your (approach) and ……………….would not hesitate to recommend you…..from Georgia Boon, December 2017 Piano Sessions, (parent)
  • ‘…….has really enjoyed his piano lessons…’ from parent HW (2018)


  • ‘casual……approach appreciated; doesn’t stress me” :  written testimony from musician Scarlet L-S 2018.


  • ‘Thank you so much……….. I really enjoy my (piano) lessons with you and I feel with your  help I’m finally going in the right direction 😁 thank you for this’:  email written testimony from Donna P. Student-pianist 2018


” am just writing to say thank you very much for all the time you spent with our Brownies, preparing them and testing them for their Musician badge. It was so rewarding to see all your patience, skills and different teaching methods inspire the girls to really take an interest in music and your gentle encouragement, involving even the shyest girl, to improve their own skills”. from: J. Hayes, Brown Owl Woodchester Brownies 2016.

‘Such a good teacher & I thank you so much for giving me the confidence to get going again”. Dec.’18 J. Masters piano-student



Katherine was very good at making sure I was able to clearly articulate the goal for each session and understands very well the power of language in enabling Clients to frame future possibilities…..her questioning skills are very good….and she is a good listener…….who was able to skillfully build upon my ideas and suggestions whilst challenging underpinning beliefs in the process…..Katherine was always personably professional……and displayed a lightness of touch that always put me at my ease…..I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Katherine as a coach.

David Barker

Katherine was very good at ensuring goals were set for the session…good at providing summary overviews and ensuring that coachee prepares for each session…professional…makes a good coach.

Rachel Briggs

The coaching sessions have been helpful in supporting me to work through some limiting beliefs that I have held for a long time; they have helped me to see the bigger picture for areas that are important to me….Most importantly I have learnt some strategies to be able to manage my coaching journey alongside my daily goals of being a full time working parent and mother to 3 children. (Katherine)My Coach has been challenging in that I have as much as possible tried to reflect on each session and use this information to be more effective in subsequent coaching sessions, so that it has been a meaningful coaching experience.

Anne-Marie Wickham

Acoustic Piano Tuition

  1. Piano tutoring: children and adults;  (ABRSM)
  2. Keyboard Sessions: early grades (Trinity)
  3. Aural skills
  4. Sight reading
  5. Music Theory.
  6. Analytical approaches to manuscript Grades 1- 8

Coaching: Performance & Health

Putting you in charge through purposeful listening. Questions are aligned to your needs!

  1. ‘Your Performance’ Coaching as required
  2. Coaching you through your piano practical exams etc.
  3. Developing your skills at the keyboard
  4. Coaching for your Health: what do you want to start doing?
  5. More Information : Go to L/In page :